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Dear readers, 

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you are probably dealing with many emotions. It matters little whether the death was expected or unexpected, or if someone was older or younger. The grief and sense of loss is real and profound.

Compounding these feelings of grief are often frustrating legal questions regarding property issues and inheritance. Answering these questions and navigating the court system can be challenging for families who are looking for direction. The cost of legal services can be expensive. This website is designed to help those families to better understand this sometimes obscure area of the law.

For members of the public who use this website, please understand that I am not your attorney. I am happy to provide this resource to the public, but you are using it at your own risk. Having the court appoint you as administrator of an estate is an important step, and by taking on this role, you assume a fiduciary duty to the heirs, beneficiaries and creditors to fulfill your job correctly and competently. It is often well worth your time and money to find a capable lawyer to help you.

When visiting a lawyer, you should come with an understanding of the different billing options available in this industry, including flat fees and unbundled services and only settle for a lawyer you feel comfortable with. However, regardless of whether you hire an attorney, I hope this website is a helpful starting point for you. If you have any suggestions for improving this website, you can email me or take a quick and anonymous survey

Chad Horner
Attorney at Law

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash